The only membership you need
The only membership you need

Stay Ahead in UX & Save Time

For Busy UX Enthusiasts & Professionals

Stay Ahead in UX & Save Time

For Busy UX Enthusiasts & Professionals

Live Weekly UX Meetups

Timings: Every Friday, 7:30 PM IST
  • Feedback on UX portfolios, projects & communication skills
  • ​Ideation and upskilling sessions on latest UX trends (AI, Management, AR, VR, etc)
  • ​Clarify your most pressing challenges & doubts with Prasad


Live Workshops

Timings & Format: 2 or 3 days depending on the content & subject. Starts on a weekend from 7:30 PM IST
Focused on
  • ​Core UX topics & skills as per what goes in industry
  • ​Career planning from beginner to leadership
  • ​Latest technologies & tools


Meet Your Mentor

Meet Your Mentor

Prasad Kantamneni

Prasad Kantamneni

Co-Founder at UXReactor, Collej

Prasad is a Designer, Entrepreneur & passionate Educator helping professionals achieve their true potential to grow in their careers. 

As a Designer, with 20+ years of experience, he has worked with Fortune 500 companies, utilizing AI & ML systems and specializing in data-driven design.

As an Entrepreneur, he has also built an Inc. 5000 company from the ground up operating in three different countries.

As an Educator, he has trained, mentored, and built design teams for some of the top companies across countries. 

💡Fun Fact: Prasad is responsible for building the First Successful Search Assistance feature (also known as Search Suggestions), a feature that touches almost all internet users across the world today.

He has worked with top companies like...

and more...

Collej™ Membership

Live weekly UX meetups for your continuous learning

  • Participate in weekly sessions focused on reviews, ideations, questions, discussions and more...

Live workshops for your continuous upskilling

  • Participate in workshops focused on relevant outcomes related to core concepts, career & technologies 

₹ 500 / month (Billed Yearly)

Echoes from Our Community: Driving Value Together

Bhaskar Komara

UX Designer, Pegasystems

"...grateful for constantly guiding and mentoring me at every turn, and for assisting me in choosing the best company for my career growth..."

Simran Singh

Product Designer, Zoho Corp.

"...I loved this session. It gave me a whole new perspective. I love this community and I love the content they share...."

"...A clear cut, crisp and concise, well-researched material, was presented to us over the course of 3 days...."

Achyuth Kalva

UX Designer, DevForce

"...I owe a great deal of credit to the Collej™ - UX Design Community for contributing to my success. The community's teaching methodology, pragmatic approach, unwavering discipline, immersive learning labs, and insightful mentor reviews have prepared me impeccably for the challenges I face in my professional journey..."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Collej Membership affordable?
Our vision is to make world-class knowledge accessible for everyone. Charging a minimum fee allows us to have only motivated people in the community.
Who can get the most benefit from Collej Membership? 
Individuals who are passionate about UX Design can get the most amount of benefit from Collej Membership. 
Can I get my portfolio reviewed with Prasad on 1 on 1?
While we wish we could clone Prasad, science just isn’t quite there yet. That is why we’ve Feedback Fridays, where you can get feedback as a community from Prasad.
Will Collej Membership help me get a UX job?
Collej Membership is not a training program to help you get a UX job rather it is a community that will help you learn 
Will I get the recording of the workshop in case of unavailability?
We have a strict policy against sharing recordings with anyone under any circumstance. If you missed an event, we highly recommend you to get in touch with other Collej Members to get an understanding of what happened. 
Can I get a certificate for attending the workshops?
Yes, you can request a certificate of participation for each workshop. However, you need to submit all the assignments for the workshop and pay a minimum fee. 
Why are certificates being charged additionally? 
We are a small team, it would not be possible to run the Collej Membership at a minimum price while catering to individual needs. 
I have a few queries, can you help?
Definitely! Drop an email at with all your queries and doubts. We will respond to you as soon as possible.
With Special Guests


Head of Design at NetGear



eXperience Consultant at UXReactor

Ex-radio host, turned ad professional, turned eXperience enthusiast. Always down to find out WHY and advocating for insight driven decisions on a daily basis. She drives research and design to ensure that user's are at top of mind in all steps of the journey. Happy users make her happy :D


eXperience Design Architect at UXReactor


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"As a coach, Lisa works not by giving advice, but by understanding where you are coming from and what it takes to achieve forward movement."

"She recognized patterns that I was unaware of, and artfully listened, asked the right questions and made helpful requests which produced astounding results." 

"Lisa opened doors for me, and now I understand myself better, the stakeholders in my life as well as the direction I am meant to take."

- Anna Dayn, Head LP Consultant at Dayn Advisors

"Something I learned from Lisa's coaching was that taking things off my plate creates room for more abundance. I got the confidence to stand as an educator."

"I started to wake up to some of who I am. I thought my intuition was an insecurity or fear when in reality it was a calling. I let go of those stigmas I had around teaching."

"I realized, Ok, this it it. This is what I wanted to get out of working with Lisa and I did. A huge A-ha moment."

- Desiree Kroner, UCLA graduate with a degree in  Quantum Physics & Math. With experience working for NASA, Dez offers high-level tutoring. 

"Lisa has this amazing ability to be very strategic and also provide a whole new level of expertise that is very unique compared to other coaches."

She's always striving for the next level in her own growth and environment . She is continuously improving and brings that to whoever is working with her. I've gained a lot of insight and courage working with Lisa."

- Maria Aleandra, The creator of ‘Rock Your Life’ - a community and movement that encourages entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches to align their ambition with their intuition. Co-host of ‘The Couple Shift’ podcast.