Collej™ Membership

Collej™ Membership

Learn UX Design from the best designers and companies around the world!

Learn UX Design from the best designers and companies around the world!

What is Collej™ Membership?

Collej™ Membership includes access to a series of workshops and courses at discount 
that help you turbo charge your design career

Access to Design Leaders

Get guidance from experts

Practical Orientation

In depth technical discussion with focus on Execution

Learning Resources

Specially curated resources to boost your skills and knowledge

Access to Vibrant Community

Get answers to people who have solved the problems you are currently facing

Recent Rockstars

Benefits of Collej™ Membership

Having exponential Growth in your career is not easy. Our workshops are designed around to make it easier.

Meet like-minded experts
Micro workshops attract people who are highly motivated 
to improve their skills and practices.
Inspiring Case Studies
You will not only get to know the winning and success stories but also 
get to the challenges faced along the way
Premium Networking
Great opportunity to meet people across various industries 
and build good rapo
New methods and processes
You will learn the most latest industry best process and methods 
which yield positive outcomes

Meet your Mentor

Prasad Kantamneni

Founder at UXReactor, Chief Coach at Collej™

Prasad specializes in data-driven design and spent 20+ years working with Fortune 500 companies. 

He has trained design teams for MNCs across countries and built an Inc. 5000 company from the ground up!

💡Fun Fact: Prasad is responsible for building Yahoo!’s search assistance feature (also known as Search Suggestions), a feature that touches almost all internet users across the world today

Worked with Top Companies like

and more...

Get Your Collej™ Membership

All Access for ₹5990

12 Month Access to Workshops by Industry leaders teaching you how to build a Rockstar UX Career

  • Free access to monthly events
  • ​Feedback Fridays, Design Challenges, etc
  • ​Inspiring Insights & Networking Opportunities
  • Access to content curated by Global Leaders
  • Priority seats for any course
  • ​Learn Industry Best Practices
  • ​15% discount on all the courses

Get FREE Access to Collej™ Discord Community

Get to interact, learn and grow with our Community Designers in our Collej Discord Community who can give feedback and help you in your career. 

850+ UX Designers

Awards We've Won

What People like you Say About Us

" Here we are taught to have a bulletproof process and personality... "
" It helped me build a Problem-Solving mindset and reach UX career goals... "
" The training was an amazing experience. We had a lot of assignments, quizzes, and group discussions... "
" Helped me become team player and a successful UX designer... "

Previous Events

Meet Speakers from our previous events

What do I Look for in a UX Designer!

 - Savio Sunil Aguiar

Product Experience Leadership

How do I Hire a Rockstar UX Researcher!

 - Erik Ojakaar

Product Experience Leadership

How I went from Not Knowing to Leading AI/ML at SAP

 - Riya Thosar

Product Design Leader

With Special Guests


Head of Design at NetGear



eXperience Consultant at UXReactor

Ex-radio host, turned ad professional, turned eXperience enthusiast. Always down to find out WHY and advocating for insight driven decisions on a daily basis. She drives research and design to ensure that user's are at top of mind in all steps of the journey. Happy users make her happy :D


eXperience Design Architect at UXReactor


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many workshops will I be able to attend for free once I Become a Collej™ member?
You can attend all the workshops for free from the date of your registration for 12 months.
2. What is the frequency of the workshops?
There will be a minimum of 1 workshop a month and a maximum of 2 workshops in a month. Also, we have at least 2 events like Feedback Fridays
3. Benefits of Collej membership over individual workshops?
     - 12 Month Access to Workshops by Industry leaders teaching you how to build a Rockstar UX Career
     - Rockstar UX Workshops are a series of events that help you turbocharge your design career.
     - Free access to monthly events
     - Feedback Fridays, Design Challenges, etc
     - Inspiring Insights & Networking Opportunities
     - Access to content curated by Global Leaders
     - Priority seats for any course
     - Learn Industry Best Practices
     - 15% discount on all the courses
4. How long will I be able to enjoy the benefits of Collej membership?
The membership benefits are valid for 1 year from the date of registration.
5. Are the workshops and programs Instructor Driven or Recorded content?
All the workshops and programs are Instructor Driven. We believe that a mentored based approach for learning gives the best learning experience
6. Why is Collej Membership so Cheap?
Our vision is to make world-class knowledge accessible. And hence it is priced at the value of a cup of coffee with a friend. Also, charging this minimum fee will allow us to have motivated people in the community.
7. Do I get a discount on any paid course or program?
Yes, you will get a discount on every program and paid course. The maximum discount you can get is 15% per course or program, with your Collej™ Membership
8. What are Feedback Friday events?
Feedback Friday events are Invite-only events. It is free for Collej Members. Feedback Friday Events are Events where people get feedback on their freelance work/portfolios/projects not only from Mentors and Instructors but also from other Collej Members.
9. Are Feedback Friday Events also workshops?
No. Feedback Friday Events are not workshops.
10. How can I get access to Feedback Friday Events?
The Feedback Friday Events are Invite-only events. If you are a Collej Member you will get access to these Events.
11. Do I get a Certificate for attending workshops?
No. You will not get certificates for attending the workshops. If you are interested in certification programs, check our intensive programs -
12. I have a few queries, can you help?
Definitely! Drop an email at with all your queries and doubts. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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"As a coach, Lisa works not by giving advice, but by understanding where you are coming from and what it takes to achieve forward movement."

"She recognized patterns that I was unaware of, and artfully listened, asked the right questions and made helpful requests which produced astounding results." 

"Lisa opened doors for me, and now I understand myself better, the stakeholders in my life as well as the direction I am meant to take."

- Anna Dayn, Head LP Consultant at Dayn Advisors

"Something I learned from Lisa's coaching was that taking things off my plate creates room for more abundance. I got the confidence to stand as an educator."

"I started to wake up to some of who I am. I thought my intuition was an insecurity or fear when in reality it was a calling. I let go of those stigmas I had around teaching."

"I realized, Ok, this it it. This is what I wanted to get out of working with Lisa and I did. A huge A-ha moment."

- Desiree Kroner, UCLA graduate with a degree in  Quantum Physics & Math. With experience working for NASA, Dez offers high-level tutoring. 

"Lisa has this amazing ability to be very strategic and also provide a whole new level of expertise that is very unique compared to other coaches."

She's always striving for the next level in her own growth and environment . She is continuously improving and brings that to whoever is working with her. I've gained a lot of insight and courage working with Lisa."

- Maria Aleandra, The creator of ‘Rock Your Life’ - a community and movement that encourages entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches to align their ambition with their intuition. Co-host of ‘The Couple Shift’ podcast.